Malheur County Sheriff

Malheur County Sheriff: Brian E. Wolfe
Phone:  (541) 473-5126
Fax:  (541) 473-5504

Mailing address: 151 "B" St. West
Vale, OR 97918

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Location: The Malheur County Sheriff's Office is located next to the county courthouse in the jail facility.
Department at a glance: Sheriff's administration, civil, concealed handgun licenses, corrections/jail, dispatch, emergency services, patrol and investigation.


Malheur County Sheriff Andrew P. Bentz
Malheur County Sheriff
Brian E. Wolfe


The purpose of the Malheur County Sheriff's Office is to provide community service. This includes crime prevention, deterrence, apprehension and detention of offenders, recovery and return of property, the safe movement of traffic and public service. Peace, in a free society, depends on voluntary compliance with the law.

Malheur County is one of the largest counties in Oregon. We are experiencing a growth in our population that only adds to the animated diversity that makes it such an appealing place to live and raise a family. As Malheur County continues to grow, the enduring partnership of citizens and law enforcement becomes of greater importance.

With this partnership in mind, we are excited to include the Internet in our continuing effort toward using the best and most up-to-date methods available for communicating with our community. We invite you to explore the site and make known your thoughts and ideas on improving our newest endeavor.






Mission Statement

To provide public safety services to our community with a professional, courteous, well trained staff who consistenly does the right thing at the right time for the right reason.

Differences between offices and departments

What are the differences between sheriff's offices and other law enforcement agencies?

To understand the differences, one must look at the definitions of each term - department and office. The sheriff holds an office, while other top administrators are appointed to administer departments.

Department: One of the major divisions of a branch of government. Generally, a branch or division of government subordinate to that government's administration.

Office: A right and correspondent duty to exercise a public trust. A public charge or employment. Elected public office.

In Oregon, the office of sheriff is a constitutional office having exclusive powers, authority and responsibility. The sheriff is not appointed by a government body, but is elected by the people and is responsible to the people and not subordinate to county administrators or other elected officials. The sheriff is the only law enforcement position that is selected directly by and accountable to the citizens.



Office Manager
Kim Fulwyler 

The office of sheriff is the oldest known law enforcement agency within the Common Law System. Sheriffs of England can trace 1,000 years of history. Like many functions of government, the office of sheriff was formed because of the need to maintain order in a developing society and to provide protection for the community.

Through the years, particularly in the West, we have had many legendary sheriffs, such as Bart Masterson, Wild Bill Hickock and Pat Garrett.

In 1841, the killing of a wealthy pioneer brought about William Johnson being chosen as Oregon's first sheriff. In May 1842, Oregon took the first steps toward a formalized government and Joseph Meek was names Sheriff of Oregon. In 1845, the provisional government approved the election of sheriffs in each of Oregon's five counties.

Malheur County named Henry C. Murray as its first sheriff in 1887. Andrew P. Bentz became Malheur County's 15th sheriff in January 1997.

Civil Clerk
Lora Ray

Sheriffs and their deputies provide public safety service by mandate or tradition.

Today's sheriffs are responsible for protecting human life, the public peace and order, the protection of the rights of individuals and their property, the prevention of crime and the enforcement of laws without discrimination.

Over the years, the law enforcement profession has become very sophisticated as citizens have come to rely on us for more and more intervention and protection. The types of crimes and the criminals have become more complex and the system has become overburdened attempting to meet the need in traditional ways.

Today, more than ever, sheriffs need the support of citizens to maintain the livability and safety of our communities.

*Reprinted from Oregon Sheriff

Civil Division

The Malheur County Sheriff's Office provides service of civil papers to the public. These services include, but are not limited to, serving of summons, garnishment, restraining orders, etc.


 Sheriff's Civil Fees


Concealed handgun licenses

If you are interested in obtaining a license from the Malheur County Sheriff's Office, you must live in Malheur County, Oregon, Idaho or Nevada and meet all of the Oregon legislative requirements listed on our application. If you would like to apply for an Oregon concealed handgun license from our office you may schedule an appointment by clicking the Book Now button below or by calling our office during business hours at 541-473-5126.  You will receive our information packet along with your application when you schedule your appointment.

Cost for first-time applicants is $65.

You may also schedule renewal appointments below.

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