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Of County owned property by Tax Foreclosure.


The Malheur County Land Sale
are held the fourth Tuesday in April of each year at 10:00 am MST
at the Malheur County Courthouse, or as scheduled by the Order for Sale by the
County Court.  The Land Sale Auction List
will be posted in the Argus Observer four consecutive weeks prior to the
auction and will be posted to the Land Sale page on the County Website.

The minimum bid at land sale
auction is 60% of Real market Value
unless otherwise determined by Malheur County Court.  Accepted forms of payment are cash, cashier’s
check or money order.  Property must be
paid for in full, plus a $200.00 admin/publishing/recording fee, at the time of
purchase.  A Quit Claim Deed will be
recorded for each parcel purchased.

Contracts of sale are only
available for an individual parcel selling for over $20,000 at
Basic contract terms are 1/3 down on the day
of the sale, balance on a three year contract, interest at the rate of 8% per
annum and each periodic payment due on the anniversary of sale date.  No contracts are allowed, under any
circumstances, for parcels purchased after the 60% auction.

Parcels not sold at auction will be made available on the ‘Over the
Counter For Sale List’ at 40% of RMV
to the first person(s) to offer that amount beginning at 8:30am MST one week
following the auction.

Parcels remaining on the ‘Over the Counter For Sale List’ for one year will be reduced to 25% of the RMV at 8:30am MST
on the first Tuesday of May following a one year period at the 40% of the RMV.

Parcels remaining on the ‘Over the Counter For Sale List’ for two years will be reduced to 15% of the RMV at 8:30am MST
on the first Tuesday of May following a one year period at the 25% of the RMV.

If more than one person wanting to purchase the same property at the
newly reduced percentage, is either present at 8:30am MST (on the day of
the % change) or has submitted a request to purchase said property
within one week of the change in percentage of the RMV with an acceptable form of payment, numbers will be drawn to
establish who shall have first or second opportunity to purchase.  All unsuccessful opportunities to purchase
will be returned.  Each request to
purchase a parcel must have an individual form of payment including the $200.00
admin/publishing/recording fee.

Malheur County does allow for Private Sales in accordance with ORS
275.225 to adjoining land owners in good standing and if the property, a) has a
RMV of less than $15,000 and b) the property has been deemed unsuited for the
construction or placement of a dwelling under applicable zoning ordinances
and/or building codes, by either the Planning Director or Building Official or
designated staff.  No additional
publishing will be required by the county. 
No property will be sold for less than a price which the county considers
to be reasonable and not less than 15% of the RMV.  Admin/recording fees for Private Sales will
be $100.00 which will be collected at the time of sale.

County does not allow for last known property owner to buy back county land
sale properties.