Planning Commission – November 29, 2018


The Malheur County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing November 29, 2018, at 7:30pm in the Malheur County Extension Office, 710 SW 5th Avenue, Ontario, Oregon, on the following items;

1. Scott S. & Drenda Browen – Applicant / Owner – Conditional Use application for one non-farm dwelling in an Exclusive Farm Use zone pursuant to MCC Title 6, Chapter 6, Conditional Uses 6-3A-3(R), Sections 6-6-7, 6-6-8-1, and OAR 660, Division 33, Agricultural Lands. Tax Lot 500, Section 11, T.21S, R.46E, W.M. Planning Department File #2018-10-012. Malheur County Ref. #10556. Off of Hwy 201 go west on Mendiola Road. Just past 764 Mendiola Road and past the drain ditch. Property is on the north side of the road.


Continued to January 24, 2019

Failure of an issue to be raised in a hearing, in person or by letter, or failure with sufficient specificity to afford the decision maker an opportunity to respond to the issue precludes appeal to the County Court or Land Use Board of Appeals on that issue. Applicants petitions and staff reports are available for review at the County Planning Department; 251 B Street West; Vale, Oregon, 97918; phone (541) 473-5185.