At a glance The Surveyor is responsible for survey maps and plats, and corner monument information.
Staff: Derrick McKrola, County Surveyor
Phone:   (541) 473-5520
Fax: (541) 473-5168
Postal Address: 251 “B” St. West, #7
Vale, OR 97918
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Location:  In the Juvenile wing on the first floor of the courthouse in Vale.

County Surveyors in Oregon are responsible for keeping a record of all surveys performed in their county by either the county surveyor or other licensed land surveyors, and making these records available to the public. They also have a duty to perpetuate public land survey corners by protecting, maintaining, or reestablishing them.


Original maps, or copies, of all surveys performed in the county since about 1976 are kept in the County Surveyor’s office. Some older survey maps are also available. Some 1700 survey paper maps in all can be viewed by, and reproduced for, the public.

Public Land Survey (PLS) corners are the section corners and quarter corners originally set by federal government survey contractors. There are over 30,000 of them in Malheur County. Records concerning these corners are available in two copyable formats: the notes of all the original surveys that laid out the townships and sections are on microfiche, and recent corner recoveries or replacements by local surveyors are on paper.

Among the miscellaneous maps that show information pertaining to property include: USGS quadrangle maps, Bureau of Reclamation right of way maps, and Union Pacific Railroad right of way maps. Road maps are kept at the County Road Department office in Vale.


Fees are charged for reviewing and filing survey documents as follows:

  • Property survey maps – $150.00
  • Partition plats – $200.00
  • Subdivision plats – $300.00 + $50.00 per lot
  • Corner records – no charge
  • Nominal copying charges begin at $0.25 per letter size page.

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