Juvenile Justice

 At a glance: Juvenile crime and delinquency, prevention education and services , abuse and neglect.
 Staff: Susan Gregory , Director 
 Phone:  (541) 473-5101
 Fax:  (541) 473-5182
 Email:  Susan.Gregory@malheurco.org
 Postal Address:  251 “B” St. West
Vale, OR 97918

 Connected to and south of the Malheur County Courthouse in Vale.


The primary mission of the Juvenile Department is to protect
the public by holding youth offenders accountable and providing opportunities for
reformation through a system of graduated sanctions , restorative justice and
appropriate supervision.  We work closely with a variety of state and
local agencies to access appropriate treatment and service for youth and
families based upon a variety of risk assessments.  Another area of focus
is prevention and education to help youth avoid the juvenile justice