Juvenile Department


 At a glance: Juvenile crime and delinquency along with prevention education and services.
 Phone: (541) 473-5101
 Fax: (541) 473-5182
Contacts Us: Ted Martinez, Juvenile Department Director
Liliana Martinez, Probation Counselor
Cesar Perales, Probation Counselor
Mick Jacobs, Probation Counselor

You may “text” your Probation Officer by putting their email address into the “to” line (rather than a phone number).  Please identify who you are, as only your phone number will come through.  When your Probation Officer replies via email, it will come to you as a text message.  Of note, many office staff are working remotely at this time so may be calling you from a blocked phone number.
Address: 251 “B” St. West
Vale, OR 97918
 Payment: Pay Juvenile Fees Here

A 2.5% convenience fee will be assessed on all credit/debit card transactions.

 Forms: Community Service Form

Accessing Ripples Effect from Home

Resources: Juvenile Expunction Information

Emancipation Information

Application for Emancipation

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 Location: In the Juvenile Annex connected to the first floor of the courthouse.

Enter through courthouse main doors, turn left and follow signs to the Juvenile Department.

The primary mission of the Juvenile Department is to hold youth offenders accountable and provide opportunities for reformation through a system of graduated sanctions, restorative justice and appropriate supervision. We work closely with a variety of state and local agencies to access appropriate treatment and service for youth and families based upon a variety of risk assessments. Another area of focus is prevention and education to help youth avoid the juvenile justice system.