Weed Inspector

At a glance:  Noxious weed control, educating public about noxious weeds, noxious weed inventory and mapping, ordinance enforcement.
Staff:  Amanda Zander, Weed Inspector
Email:  Amanda.Zander@malheurco.org
Phone:   (541) 473-5102
Postal Address:  251 “B” St. West
Vale, OR 97918
Location:  1001 Barkley Drive in Vale inside the Road Dept. Office .

Malheur County’s Weed Advisory Board is a  nine-member board appointed by the County Court whose purpose is to advise the court on policy and facilitate in the control and eradication of noxious weeds in the county. The group usually meets the last Thursday of most months, at the Malheur County Economic Development Building, 316 NE Goodfellow, Ontario, OR. It is best to call the weed office to confirm the meeting at (541)473-5102

Invasive Weeds

The county’s weed grant program is offered to private landowners who have any
of these six highly invasive weeds. The grants are usually based on a 50% split
of the costs to treat these weeds.

For more information on the program, contact the County Weed Inspector.

Educational Presentations

The County Weed Inspector is available to interested groups to make
educational presentations of any length.

Malheur County Weed Ordinance

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