Malheur County Border Region Review Board

 At a glance: The Border Region Review Board was established by passing Senate Bill 16 in 2021 by the Oregon Legislature. The Review Board is tasked with ensuring applications are consistent with the criteria outlined in Senate Bill 16 and as amended by Senate Bill 70 (2023 Legislative Assembly) to be able to rezone 200 acres within the Border Region.
Senate Bill 70 will take effect 01/01/2024 and is set to sunset in 2030.
Eric Evans, Planning Director 
Tatiana Burgess, Planning Manager
251 “B” St. West #12
Vale, OR 97918

Ph: (541) 473-5185

 Links:  Application Forms
Fee Schedule
Public Hearings and Notices
Malheur County Code – Border Region Review Board Regulations
Malheur County Code Subdivisions & Land Partitioning
 Location: The Review Board is staffed by the Planning Department. The office is located in the Juvenile wing on the first floor of the county courthouse in Vale.


Filing deadline for the Review Board actions is 30 days preceding the scheduled meeting.
The Review Board generally meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at
316 NE Goodfellow St, Ste. #2, Ontario, Oregon 97914.

Applications will be accepted after January 1st, 2024.