MalheurButteWelcomeClearMalheur County is located in beautiful Eastern Oregon. It is a place filled with fascinating history, diverse landscape and friendly people. Malheur County is one of Oregon’s best-kept secrets! Located in Oregon’s southeast corner, the county is the state’s second largest. It is 94 percent rangeland, two-thirds of which is controlled by the Federal Bureau of Land Management. Today, irrigated fields in the county’s northeastern corner,  Continue Reading

Malheur County needs to gather information from county residents, businesses, landowners, and public infrastructure managers about costs and damages that occurred as a direct result of weather on or near January 10, 2017 –January 19, 2017. 

If you suffered a building collapse, damage, or emergency snow removal cost to prevent a collapse during or after the stated period  please click here for more information then fill out and submit all related forms. Submit completed forms to

Please download and print the data sheet/form that fits your category. The description of the form to be filled out can be found on the first page of the Information sheet. Please scan and email your forms to

If you are a government/public infrastructure such as city hall, public school, special district health clinic etc., please use the IDA Field Data Collection Form Outbuildings, and send that form by email to

Availible forms:

Individual AssistanceIDA_Homes

IDA Field Data Collection Form Outbuildings_Other

SBA Economic Injury Worksheet

During construction of the new elevator within the Malheur County Courthouse, wheelchair access is temporarily closed to the 2nd floor. Stairs and a mechanical chair lift are in place between the 1st and 2nd floors. Persons with difficulty climbing or descending stairs or for more information, please call (541) 473-5124. Accommodations are available.