Candidate Information

 November 6, 2018 – General Election

Candidate Statements are only available if provided by the Candidate.  They are listed in the order received.  Click on candidate name to see information provided.

City of Adrian 

Jeff Virden – Council Member 


City of Jordan Valley 


City of Nyssa 

Ross Ballard – City Council 


City of Ontario 

Billy Carter – Ontario Mayor 

Eddy Thiel – Ontario Council 

Michael Braden – Ontario Council 


City of Vale 

Michael Childs – Vale City Council 

Monty J Bixby – Vale City Council 

Christine Phillips – Vale City Council 


Ontario Recreation District 

Robert J Boyd – Rec District 

Megan Cook – Rec District 


County Candidates 

Gayle V Trotter – County Clerk 

David Goldthorpe – DA