District Attorney Information

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The District Attorney’s office has three divisions: Criminal Prosecution, Child Support and Victims’ Services.

The Criminal Prosecution Division

  • Preparing and filing formal charges against defendants
  • Conducting hearings and trials associated with those charges
  • Advising local law enforcement agencies in investigations and obtaining evidence for use in criminal matters

The Child Support Division

  • Accepts new cases for child support payment and monitors existing cases
  • Collects child support payments for non-welfare families in Malheur County
  • Has the power to use garnishments, writs of execution, liens and contempt to secure payment of court-ordered support obligations

The Victims’ Assistance Program

  • Provides information concerning rights of crime victims and assists victims in electing rights
  • Provides general information about the criminal justice system
  • Maintains a system of notifications to keep victims updated on their cases
  • Accompanies victims to court when requested
  • Assists with the return of property being held for evidence
  • Assists with determining restitution
  • Assists with Crime Victims’ Compensation applications
  • Provides referrals to outside agencies, such as social services and community services

District Attorney FAQs

Da Office HB3224 Policies – Click Here

DA Office SB 819 Policies -Click Here

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To learn more about Oregon Criminal Justice system, please visit the following websites. Oregon Department of Justice

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