Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the most recent election results?

Visit the Malheur County Clerk’s Website . The site is a clearinghouse of information on the latest election as well as past elections. the site includes information on voter registration information, sample ballots, a list of election resources and election night returns. For more information, or specific questions about election, contact the County Clerk’s office.

 I want to get married. How do I get a license?

The County Clerk is responsible for issuing Marriage Licenses.
Please see the County Clerk Marriage information page for more information. 

How can I bail my friend out of jail?

For information about jail questions, call: (541) 473-5510

I think there is a warrant for me. How do I find out?

 Go to the Sheriffs Office in Person. Do not call the Sheriff’s Office or Jail, staff are not permitted to give that information over the phone.

When is my trial?

 For information about trials or jury duty, call: (541) 473-5171.

Where can I get a restraining order?

 For information about restraining orders, call the Malheur County District Attorney’s Office: (541) 473-5127.

I want my road (county only) graded, plowed, paved, vacated. Who do I call?

Road Department (541) 473-5191.

Where do I get information on flood warnings and local river flows?

Boise National Weather Service can be found at the following web address:, and during times of high water flows, the Emergency Alert System will be activated. Information will be provided on KSRV radio and Boise television stations. You can also call Malheur County Sheriff’s Dispatch (541)473-5125.

Where can I get road condition information for Oregon?

Dial 5-1-1 or go to Oregon Dept. Of  Transportation Trip Check.

I’m looking for the Extension Service. Who are they, and what do they do?

Oregon State University Malheur Extension Service
Phone: (541) 881-1417; Fax: (541) 889-8840
The Extension Service offers educational programs in agriculture, lawn and garden, youth development, foods, nutrition and family living. Services also include on-farm research and demonstration projects and the 4-H program.

What kind of weed is this?

If you have a weed you can’t identify, you can call the County Weed Inspector for an on-site identification, or collect as much of the plant as possible, including the root, put it in a plastic bag and keep it as cool as possible. Bring it to the Weed Inspector’s office at the County Road Department, 1001 Barkley Drive in Vale, or to the County Extension office at 710 S.W. Fifth Ave. in Ontario.

Are building permits issued at the courthouse?

No. They are issued by Building Department, located in Nyssa. Call 541-372-5460. Zoning approval from the Planning Department is required before building permits can be issued.

How can I obtain a copy of the Malheur County Code?

You may purchase a copy of the Malheur County Code from Sterling Codifiers, Inc., 7600 Mineral Drive, Coeur d’Alene, ID., 83814 (208) 762-3449.  You may search the County Code here.

I have questions about transporting material into Oregon. Who do I call for trip permits?

To obtain transportation permits please call Oregon Department of Transportation Motor Carrier at 503-378-6699 between the hours of 4:30 a.m. and midnight Pacific Time. Website

Do I have to have a burn permit?

If you live in a Malheur County Rural Fire district, outside city limits, a burn permit is required for burns including burn barrels, agriculture and construction burns. Use of a burn barrel, covered by a mesh screen, requires a burn permit. There is no fee, but application must be made in person with your fire district.

When is the landfill open?

Lytle Boulevard Landfill hours are listed below.  The hours are the same all year except holiday closures.

Tuesday and Thursday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
What are the rates at Lytle Landfill?
Fees vary and are determined at the site. Call the Environmental Health Dept. (541) 473-5186 for more detailed information.

Does the county have any land for sale?

Tax foreclosure land is listed and handled is listed and handled by
the County Tax Collector (541) 473-5165. You can ask to be on the mailing list
by sending your request, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
County Treasurer, 251 B St. Suite #14, Vale, OR 97918. Land that is not sold at
the public auction is turned over to Malheur County Court.

Where do I file small claims?

Small claims may be filed at the Malheur Justice Court in Ontario (541) 889-5712, or in District Court in Vale (541) 473-5194. Filing costs are less when filed in the Justice Court than in the District Court.

What does it cost to file cases in the County Courts?

Cost of filing small claims in Justice Courts: $22.50 for filing, $25 for Sheriff’s service.

Cost of filing fed/civil: $22.00 filing, $25 Sheriff’s fee.