Wolf Depredation Compensation Program

In 2011 the Oregon Legislature required the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) to establish and implement a wolf depredation and financial assistance grant program. This program awards annual funds to Oregon counties to compensate their ranching communities when livestock and working dogs are attacked and killed by wolves and to fund preventative measures to reduce the possibility of wolf attacks.

In 2012 Malheur County formed an advisory wolf depredation and compensation committee.  The committee is comprised of the following members and representative interests:

Dan Cummings, Chair supports wolf conservation or coexistence with wolves
Don Hodge, Malheur County Commissioner
Toby McBride, owner and manager of livestock
Mark MacKenzie, owner and manager of livestock
Larry Hinton, supports wolf conservation or coexistence with wolves
Dave Wenger, DVM business representative
Shad Harrison, business representative

Over the years the committee has used approximately $3000 of ODA preventative funds to purchase one mile of fladry or flagged barrier, which can be used by any Malheur County producer to limit current or endangering wolf interactions with livestock.  Fladry is a length of poly electric wire, from which hangs strips of red cloth every 18”, known as “fladry”.  Fladry is an effective barrier known to keep wolves away in Eastern Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Canada.

The committee established livestock compensation rates and developed compensation and preventative financial assistance request forms, which are available to download from this web-page.

To report wolf sightings or wolf signs in Malheur County complete this form Report Wolf Sighting or Wolf Signs in Malheur County, or call the Malheur County Sheriff’s Office (541) 473-5126.

To see a map of Malheur County reported wolf sightings click here.

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Malheur County Preventative Financial Assistance Funds Form: Adobe PDF       Microsoft Word

Malheur County Compensation Rates: Adobe PDF       Microsoft Word 

Malheur County Wolf Compensation Form:  Adobe PDF      Microsoft Word

Wolf Track Identification: Click Here