Planning Commission – June 24 2021


In light of the ongoing developments as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Malheur County Planning Commission will hold a telephonic hearing on June 24, 2021 at 07:30 pm.

Directions to join the public meeting:
Login by computer/tablet/smartphone:
Call in: (312) 757-3129
Access Code: 644-177-621

Applicant A: Calico Resources USA Corp.: the consideration for an extension of the conditional use permit for the Grassy Mountain Mine (File No. 2018-10-012) in Exclusive Range Use zone. Tax Lot 100, Section 8, T.22S, R.44E, W.M. Malheur Co. Ref. #19743. The property is located about 3.25 miles off Iron Mountain Rd, south west of Nyssa, OR.

Extension Request
Memo – Staff Report

Applicant B: Travis Williams: the consideration of a Conditional Use Permit for a Non-Farm Dwelling in Exclusive Farm Use zone pursuant to MCC Title 6, Conditional Uses 6-6-7, 6-6-8-1, and OAR 660, Division 33, Agricultural Lands. Tax Lot 100, Section 24, T.18S, R.44E, W.M. Planning Department File #2021-05-013; Malheur Co. Ref. #13517. The property is located 1 mile North on Alder Rd where it turns into Greenfield Rd in Vale, OR.


Exhibit 1: Letter from Vale Fire and Ambulance
Exhibit 2: Letter from Malheur County Roadmaster

Applicant C: Darren Lee: Action #1: Post acknowledgement plan amendment to include approximately 54 acres of tax lot 3200, a 308.42 acre parcel, assessor’s map 16S47E, in the Comprehensive Plan goal 5 Resource Inventory as a significant aggregate site. Planning Department file #2021-03-010. Site is located west of the intersection of Hwy 201 and Mesquite Road, about 1 mile west on Mesquite Rd.

Action #2: Conditional use application for aggregate mining and processing in an exclusive farm use zone. MCC Title 6, Chapter 3, section 6-3A-3(E); Chapter 6, section 6-6-8-4 and OAR 660 division 23.

Application Supplement 
Map of the proposed sites

Exhibit 1: Gravel Quality Analysis
Exhibit 2: Letter from Petra Blasting & Drilling
Exhibit 3: Operation Plan
Exhibit 4: Reclamation Plan
Exhibit 5: Traffic Impact Assessment Map
Exhibit 6: Letter from Malheur County Road Master
Exhibit 7: Letter from Payette Rural Fire
Exhibit 8: Letter from Malheur County Roadmaster
Exhibit 9: Letter from Ontario Rural Road District
Exhibit 10 A: Letter of opposition from Mike Hastings, dated 05.27.2021
Exhibit 10 B: Letter of opposition from Dinah Lorde, dated 05.27.2021
Exhibit 11: Email from Mike Hastings, dated 05.28.2021
Exhibit 12: Email from Owyhee Irrigation District
Exhibit 13: Email from Mike Hastings, dated 06.22.2021
Exhibit 14: Email from Mike Hastings, dated 06.23.2021
Exhibit 15: Email from Robert Cassity, dated 06.24.2021
Exhibit 16: Email from Jennifer Gerulf (with 3 video attachments)
Video #1
Video #2
Video #3
Exhibit 17: Email from Robert Cassity, dated 06.24.2021 (with pictures)
Exhibit 18: Email from Dinah Lord, dated 06.24.2021

Please note, the call-in number is not toll free, this shouldn’t be a problem if you are calling from a cell phone. A toll-free number is available upon request, by calling the Planning & Zoning office at (541) 473-5185.

Interested persons may appear and will be provided an opportunity to be heard. For the health and safety of the Planning Commission members and members of the public, Malheur County encourages people to join electronically. Written comments may be received prior to the hearing by sending them to Eric Evans, Planning Director, 251 B Street West #12, Vale, Oregon 97918 or

Testimony, arguments and evidence must be directed toward the criteria set out above, or other substantive criteria in Malheur County’s Comprehensive Plan or land use regulations that the person believes apply to the application.

Failure to raise an issue at the hearing, in person, or by letter, or failure to provide sufficient specificity to afford the Planning Commission an opportunity to respond to the issue precludes an appeal to the Malheur County Court or the Land Use Board of Appeals based on that issue.

A copy of the application, all documents and evidence submitted by or on behalf of the applicant and applicable criteria are available for inspection at the Malheur County Planning Department Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 (noon) and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. or on the county website at no cost. Copies can be provided for $0.25 per page. In addition, copies of the Staff Report will be available at least seven (7) days prior to the hearing at a reasonable cost or can be viewed on the County website or in the planning department office at no cost. Please contact the Planning Director (541-473-5185) for additional information.

Public Hearing Transcribed Minutes